Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 3, August 2014 

Review Articles

Geriatric Vertigo

Pages 467-479

Mahsa Bakhit; Mehdi Akbari; Maryam Delphi

Original Articles

Immediate effects of shoe insoles on the frequency components of ground reaction force during the stance phase of running

Pages 359-371

Fereshteh Habibi Tirtashi; Mansour Eslami

Validity of Performance Assessment of Self-care Skills in Subjects Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis in Tehran

Pages 372-381

Hamidreza Azadi; Ali Tahmasebi

The Study of Subtalar Hyper-Pronation Correction by Medial Longitudinal Arch Taping, on the Knee joint Malalingment and Pain

Pages 382-392

Farzaneh Yazdani; Mohsen Razeghi; Samaneh Ebrahimi; Shohreh Taghi Zadeh

Internal Elements and External Factors Affecting Physiotherapy Clinical Education from Physiotherapy Student’s Perspectives: Qualitative Study

Pages 393-407

Seyed Mohammad Reza Dastgheibi; Mohammad Kamali; Mahdi Dadgoo; Ali Chabok

Study of the effect of purposeful activity (gardening) on quality of life in students with moderate to profound depression of Golestan dormitory in Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences

Pages 408-419

Sahar Ghanbari; Farzaneh Jafari; Hamideh Abafat; Nahid Bagheri; Samaneh Nematollahi

Study the effects of maximal oxygen consumption on oxygen dynamics of recovery period after maximum continuous activity in female basketball players: Pilot study

Pages 420-431

Elham Shahabpoor; Amir Letafatkar; Maryam Mazidi; Ali Hashemi

The relationship between core strength with static and dynamic balance in snowboard skiing male athletes

Pages 432-443

Seyedeh Samin Razavi; Ali Asghar Norasteh; Maryam Banparvari

Effect of Stability Training on Balance Recovery in Multiple Sclerosis Patients using Sample Entropy as a Nonlinear Analysis Method

Pages 444-458

Sina Sari Aslany; Mahmood Reza Azghani; Bina Eftekharsadat

The Comparison of Leg Length Discrepancy and Quadratus Lumborum Endurance between Females with Chronic Low Back Pain and Healthy Females

Pages 459-466

Katayon Rezaei; Shohreh Taghizadeh