Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2, June 2012 


Journal Index

Journal Index

Case Reports

Introducing the application of continuous positive airway pressure in treatment of hypernasality: a case report

Pages 382-388

Neda Tahmasebi Garmatani; Fatemeh Derakhshandeh; Saeed Soheilipour

Original Articles

Test-retest and inter-rater reliabilities of the of Manual Ability Classification System (MACS) - Farsi version in children with cerebral palsy

Pages 203-211

Azade Riyahi; Mehdi Rassafiani; Nazila Akbarfahimi; Masood Karimloo

Selection of preeminent list in word recognition score test for adult with normal hearing

Pages 212-218

Farnush Jarolahi; Maryam Delphi; Sayed Aliakbar Tahaie; Yahya Modarresi; Mohammad Kamali; Meymaneh Jafari

The effect of intradialytic exercise training on the quality of life and fatigue in hemodialysis patients

Pages 219-227

Zahra Riahi; Fahimeh Esfarjani; Sayad Mohamad Marandi; Navid Kalani

The effect of mental and physical practice on the learning of rotary pursuit skill Generalized Motor Program and parameter

Pages 228-236

Mostafa Teymoori Kheravi; Ebrahim Ahmadi; Behrooz Abdoli; Ali Reza Farsi

A comparative study on the motor speed and lateralization in children and adolescents with developmental stuttering and their normal peers

Pages 237-247

Hajar Bahrami; Vahid Nejati; Hamidreza Pouretemad

Effect of pilates exercise on primary dysmenorrhea

Pages 248-253

Farideh Salehi; Hamid Marefati; Hossein Mehrabian; Hamid Sharifi

Perceived experiences of unemployed people with spinal cord injury in the process of returning to work

Pages 254-262

Farhad Fatehi; Mohamad Kamali

The efficacy of effective communication skills training on the self-esteem of girls with physical - mobility disability

Pages 263-271

Amir Hossein Mojarrad Kahani; Sonia Ghanavi

A comparison between hip and ankle eccentric torque in female athletes with functional ankle instability

Pages 272-278

Zahra Darzi; Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh; Ali Ashraf Jamshidi

The effect of aquatic exercise on balance and gait characteristics of healthy elderly inactive men

Pages 279-288

Mohammad Ali Aslankhani; Ali Reza Farsi; Mohammad Sohbatiha

Comparing the cognitive performance in patients with Parkinson’s disease and healthy people

Pages 289-297

Golita Emsaki; Ahmad Chitsaz; Hossein Molavi; Karim Asgari

Comparison of knee joint muscles’ activity in subjects with genu varum and the controls during walking and running

Pages 298-309

Mehrdad Anbarian; Hamed Esmailie; Sayed Esmaeel Hosseini Nejhad; Mohammad Rabiei; Hojat Binabaji

The effect of anterior cruciate ligament transection on biomechanical and histological properties of knee articular cartilage in rabbit

Pages 310-327

Zahra Sadat Rezaeian; Giti Torkaman; Alireza Sabbaghian; Ali Esteki; Roya Ravanbod; Masumeh Dadpey

Comparing the effectiveness of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy in the management of knee osteoarthritis

Pages 328-336

Ali Yalfani; Eynolah Naderi; Yaser Shayesterudi

Effects of aquatic exercise on the pain, symptoms, motor performance and quality of life of elderly women with knee osteoarthritis

Pages 337-345

Hossein Mehrabian; Sayed Sadredin Shojaedin; Amir Hossein Barati; Manijeh Ghasemi

Testing the reliability of the patellofemoral joint reaction force (PFJRF) measurement in different taped conditions of the patellofemoral joint during single leg squatting: a pilot study

Pages 346-353

Javid Mostamand

Effects of hip abductor and external rotators strengthening and quadriceps strengthening in females with patellofemoral pain syndrome: A comparative study

Pages 354-362

Alireza Falah; Khalil Khayambashi; Nader Rahnama; Navid Ghoddousi

Effects of Swedish massage techniques and therapeutic exercise on patellofemoral pain syndrome

Pages 363-371

Vahid Mazloum; Reza Mahdavinejad

Effects of sensory and motor cathodal electrical stimulatons on the injury potential and biomechanical properties of acute skin full-thickness wound in rats

Pages 372-381

Mohammad Reza Asadi; Giti Torkaman