The Effect of Vacuum Compression Therapy on Diabetic Foot ulcer

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1 Department of Physical Therapy, Physiotherapy, School of Rehabilitation Sciences, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services

2 BSc in Physical Therapy



Background:Recent studies indicate that vacuum compression therapy (VCT) of the foot may offer benefits in patients with intermittent claudication through improving arterial and venous blood flow. Regarding this mechanism, we investigated the effectiveness of VCT in the treatment of diabetic leg and foot ulcers. Materials and Methods:In a clinical trial study, sixteen patients with diabetic foot ulcer received VCT plus routine management for 4 weeks and twelve controls received only routine treatments. The reduction in the size and depth of ulcer were compared between two groups after the study. Results:The mean reduction of ulcer size after the study in VCT group was 1.26 1.37 cm², while in controls the size of ulcer was increased. 44 .89 cm² (P=.000). The depth of ulcer in VCT group was significantly decreased (4.0 1.5 mm) versus a slight increase (.3 .5 mm) in control group (P=. 000).Conclusion:VCT can be used as an effective method in the treatment of diabetic leg and foot ulcers. Although it’s limits and contraindications should be kept in mind. Key words: Vacuum compression therapy (VCT), diabetic ulcer, intermittent claudication, MMT