Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 4, September 2012 


Journal Index

Journal Index

Original Articles

The effect of lateral wedge on osteoarthritis in medial compartment of knee

Pages 599-604

Tahmoures Tahmasebi; Hossein Asiabi; Laya Asadi; Mahboubeh Farhoodi

Determination of the reliability of the stuttering severity instrument-fourth edition specific adults who stutter

Pages 605-611

Neda Tahmasebi Garmatani; Bijan Shafiei; Avat Feizi; Ahmad Salehi; Peter Howell

Effects of a selected exercises program on quality of life in elderly women

Pages 612-620

Mansoureh Zamanian; Nader Rahnama; Shahram Lenjan Nejadian; Mohammad Reza Salamat; Mansour Salesi

EVSS- electro tactile vestibular substitution system as a new vestibular rehabilitation approach: A pilot study

Pages 621-628

Aliakbar Nasr-Esfahani; Parisa Rasulifard; Elham Rajabpour; Mohammadhussein Nilforoush; Mahsa Sepehrnejad

The role of locus of control and personality dimensions in the prediction of job satisfaction of occupational therapists employed in Tehran governmental organizations

Pages 629-639

Mohamad Taghi Mohseni; Mahdi Rezaei; Minoo Kalantari; Mahdi Tabatabaei

The effect of prefabricated ankle orthoses on balance in athletes with chronic ankle instability in fatigue condition

Pages 640-647

Elaheh Faraji; Ahmad Ebrahimi Atri; Hassan Daneshmandi; Vahid Onvani

The efficacy of improving visual memory through play therapy on reducing spilling errors in dysgraphia student

Pages 648-658

Akbar Abdi; Mahdi Karami; Javad Hatami

A comparative study on syntactical skills of Persian-speaking hearing- impaired preschoolersand their normal-hearing peers

Pages 659-670

Talieh Zarifian; Reyhaneh Mohammadi; Behrouz Mahmoudi Bakhtiyari

A comparison of learning a hand movement pattern in 20 to 26 young adults and 8-10 years old children and its application in rehabilitation

Pages 671-683

Mehdi Roozbahani; Seyed Mohammad Kazem Vaez Mousavi; Hassan Khalaji

The effectiveness of psycho- motor rehabilitation on improvement of psycho– motor skills in educable mental retarded students in Isfahan city

Pages 684-693

Ahmad Yarmohammadian; Fatemeh Shafieialavijeh

The effects of rebound therapy and aerobic training on aerobic capacity, plasma endotheline level and the quality of life in male patients with asthma

Pages 694-703

Morteza Sadeghi; Gholamali Ghasemi; Vahid Zolaktaf; Ali Miralaei; Marziyeh Salehi

Describe some language structures in 4 years normal children’s narrative in Isfahan and its relationship with sex according to Narrative Assessment Protocol (NAP)

Pages 704-718

Moslem Ghasemi; Mahboubeh Nakhshab; Batoul Alinejac; Meysam Shafiei; Mahdi Tazhibi

The effect of fatigue on postural stability during repetitive trunk bending motion in healthy and chronic non-specific low back pain subjects

Pages 719-727

Hamidreza Mokhtarinia; Mohammadali Sanjari; Mohammad Parnianpour

Comparison of explicit and implicit motor learning in children with high- functioning autism and asperger and typical matched peers

Pages 728-743

Navid Mirzakhany; Sara Izadi Najafabadi; Vahid Nejati; Zahra Pashazadeh; Leila Shokoohandeh; Masumeh Pirooz

Stuttering and brain maturity

Pages 744-753

Mohammadali Nazari; Ali Jahan; Maryam Moghadam Salimi

The study of relationship spinal abnormalities with flexibility and body composition in down syndrome girls

Pages 754-763

Pegah Rahmani; Hossein Shahrokhi; Hassan Daneshmandi

Risk factors associated with neonatal hearing loss: evaluation of 2940 referred neonates in Ahvaz

Pages 764-771

Mohammadhosein Haghighizadeh; Marziyeh Amiri; Zohreh Ghochani; Heshmatolah Rahimi

Evaluation of temporal processing in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy by utilizing the duration pattern sequence test

Pages 772-781

Azam Navaei Lavasani; Ghasem Mohammadkhani; Mahmoud Motamedi; Leyla Jalilvand Karimi; Shohreh Jalaei

The validity and reliability of flexicurve for measuring kyphosis

Pages 782-791

Fatemeh Azadinia; Mojtaba Kamyab; Hamid Behtash; Mohammadsaleh Ganjavian; Masoudramin Mirzazadehjavaheri

Robotic ankle foot orthosis with gait adaptive controller though artificial touch sensor for improving gait among drop foot patients

Pages 792-805

Nima Jamshidi