Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3, July 2012 


Journal Index

Journal Index

Review Articles

A review study of finite element models of knee

Pages 590-598

Sayed Mohammad Abdollahi; Ali Maleki; Nima Jamshidi

Original Articles

Effectiveness of cognitive guidelines in improving mathematical problem-solving skills in female students with mental disability attending 3rd grade of middle school

Pages 391-401

Sayede Somaye Jalilabkenar; Mohammad Ashoori; Gita Movallali

Effects of short-term training with WBV on the electromyography activity of the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles in healthy young women

Pages 402-411

Leila Simorgh; Giti Torkaman; Sayed Mohammad Firouzabadi; Sedigheh Kahrizi; Shafieh Movasseghe

Correlation between working memory and verbal fluency among the elderly

Pages 412-418

Vahid Nejati

The relationship between feeding problems and mental retardation

Pages 419-425

Mohammad Rezaei; Hiwa Mohammadi; Vahid Rashedi

Validity and reliability of the Persian version of the test of word finding, second edition 4-6 year old children: preprimary form

Pages 426-433

Mansoureh Pirmoradian; Nahid Baharloui; Ahmad Salehi; Alireza Taheri; Leila Ghasisin

Comparison of fundamental frequency in normal-hearing children and children with various severities of hearing loss

Pages 434-441

Ehsan Naderifar; Ali Ghorbani; Negin Moradi; Akbar Biglarian

Effect of aquatic endurance training program on static and dynamic balance and lower limb strength in healthy elderly male veterans

Pages 442-453

Mohammad Yadgaripour; Sayed Sadredin Shojaedin; Heydar Sadeghi

The relation between receptive language development and social skills among 4-to-6 year-old Persian-speaking children

Pages 454-465

Maryam Vahab; Sima Shahim; Salime Jafari; Mohammad Majid Oryadi Zanjani

The effect of "handling training" to caregivers at home on fine motor development in 6 to 72 months old children with cerebral palsy (cp)

Pages 466-476

Zahra Ghorbanpor; Sayed Ali Hosseini; Roshanak Vamghi; Mehdi Rassafiani; Hamid Dalvand; Pourya Reza Soltani

The effectiveness of life skills training on enhancing the social skills of hearing impaired boy secondary school students in inclusive schools

Pages 477-488

Abas Mahvashe Wernosfaderani; Nargess Adibsereshki; Guita Movallali

The effect of pilates training on improvement of motor and cognitive functions related to falling in elderly female

Pages 489-501

Maryam Nazakatolhosaini; Mahyar Mokhtari; Fahime Esfarjani

The assessment of effectiveness of handling training program on knowledge of mothers regarding proper care of children with cerebral palsy

Pages 502-510

Nasrin Jalili; Mehrnoosh Goodarzy; Mehdi Rassafiani; Marjan Farzi

Comparison the effect of stabilization and McKenzie exercises on pain, disability and lumbar multifidus muscle size in women with chronic non-specific low back pain

Pages 511-529

Maryam Sadat Larrie; Amir Houshang Bakhtiary; Rozita Hedayati; Asghar Rezasoltani; Raheb Ghorbani

Study of the temporal pattern of nasalization in 4-12 year old cleft palate and normal Persian speaking children

Pages 530-540

Kowsar Baghban; Farhad Torabinejad; Negin Moradi; Akbar Biglarian

The relation between body composition and spinal lordosis and kyphosis abnormalities in women

Pages 541-552

Abolfazl Farahani; Sahar Hoseini; Azar Aghayary; Leila Ghorbani Ghahfarokhi

The effective of sand play therapy on visuo-motor perception development in children with educable mental retardation in Isfahan city, Iran

Pages 553-560

Bayan Nesai Moghadam; Mokhtar Malekpour; Ahmad Abedi; Zahed Mafakheri

The comparsion of peak vertical ground reaction forces and the rate of loading during single leg drop landing between men with genu varum deformity and normal knee

Pages 561-570

Sayed Sadredin Shojaedin; Mohammadreza Mahaki; Raghad Mimar

Effectiveness of social skills training on emotional intelligence of people with physical disabilities

Pages 571-581

Mona Heydari Poor; Ali Mashhadi; Sayed Mohsen Asghari Nekah

Comparing selected spinal column postural abnormalities of professional and amateur Wushu athletes with those of non-athletes

Pages 582-589

Morteza Sadeghi; Gholam Ali Ghasemi; Fariba Iraj