Robotic ankle foot orthosis with gait adaptive controller though artificial touch sensor for improving gait among drop foot patients

Document Type : Original Articles


Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran



Introduction: Drop foot is a neuromuscular disease that arises due to genetic defects, war injuries, accidents, tumors and brain stroke that foot neuron damages permanently or temporarily. For improving this gait disorder, patients need to use an ankle-foot orthosis. Materials and Methods: Intelligent robotic orthosis consists of a sole foot pressure sensor plate, calculator software and a robotic part. In accordance with developed model and based on data of drop foot patient gait it has been defined that there is need of robotic system for improving the amount of torque required for patient therefore a new orthosis is needed to recognize the required compensated torque for robotic system which is supplied by electric energy. For making connection between torque supply system and pressure measured by force plate artificial models were used. Results: This system improves the gait of a drop foot patient and enhances the ability of patient for walking. Conclusion: Other anticipated aims of this research are reducing the pressure and damage on tendons, reducing impact on joints using robotic system and compensating the deficiency of muscles. Keywords: Neuropathic, Drop foot, Center of pressure, Gait