About Journal

Journal of Research in Rehabilitation Sciences (JRRS) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (IUMS), Isfahan, Iran.


First published in the winter 2006, Journal of Research in rehabilitation Sciences was approved as a Scientific journal by Commission on Medical Journals, Iran’ Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education in May, 2011. According to the latest rankings of Iran’ medical journals by the Commission in 2013, JRRS was approved by the highest degree among scientific journals in the rehabilitation field in Iran. In February 2021, JRRS was ranked in the top quartile (Q1) of Islamic World Science Citation (ISC).


Ethics Considerations

JRRS acts according to journal’ internal management manual, National Ethic Guideline for Medical Journalism, Declaration of Tehran dealing with any ethical misbehavior. In addition, as a member of Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE), JRRS follows COPE’s flowcharts and guidelines in dealing with any ethical conflicts. All the manuscripts submitted in the JRRS website will be reviewed and published with regard to the guidelines mentioned in the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals (http://www.icmje.org/#privacy), originally written by International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) according to the Vancouver Format last updated in February 2007.


The Journal also follows National Ethic Guideline for Medical Journalism and Declaration of Tehran (all are available in JRRS website). The research that involves human beings or animals must adhere to the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki. (http://www.wma.net/en/30publications/10policies/b3/index.html). For more information follow JRRS Author Guideline.


Since secondary publication in another language, especially in other countries, is internationally acceptable, JRRS editorial team accepts this act only if all of the conditions noted in JRRS Author Guideline are met.


All the procedures and payments are exactly the same for the manuscripts from JRRS editorial board. To confirm a true peer review process, 5 members of editorial board will select the reviewers secretly and a blind supervisor will monitor the whole peer review process.

Note: Given the law that prohibits intervention in the treatment by non-medical experts, JRRS only reviews those interventional manuscripts that the corresponding author is a certified registered medical or paramedical specialist and has no legal ban for medical intervention.

Timetable and Charges

Following the directive by the Board of Trustees of the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, financial laws were announced on Since December 22, 2015 and updated on August 2021 to cover the processing and publication costs of the manuscripts submitted to any journal published by IUMS. The editorial time for routine and fast track manuscripts is illustreted below.

Time limit of editorial time steps for various manuscripts processing type in Journal of Research in Rehabilitation Sciences.

Time limit of editorial time steps for various manuscripts processing type in Journal of Research in Rehabilitation Sciences