The effectiveness of psycho- motor rehabilitation on improvement of psycho– motor skills in educable mental retarded students in Isfahan city

Document Type : Original Articles


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology and Special Education, School of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

2 MSc in Psychology and Special Education, Department of Psychology and Special Education, School of Education Sciences, Islamic Azad University, South Teheran Branch, Teheran, Iran



Introduction: Psychomotor skills have an important role on academic learning and developmental aspects of children. The purpose of present research was to investigate the effectiveness of a selected psycho-motor rehabilitation program on psycho-motor skills improvemnet in educable mentally retarded students. Materials and Methods: The statistical population was comprised all educable mentally retarded female students in Isfahan city. 30 students were randomly selected by cluster sampling method. Lincoln-Oseretsky motor developmental scale was used to measure variables. SPSS, version16, was applied to analyze the data. Results: The results showed that the selected psycho-motor rehabilitation program was significantly effective on psycho-motor skills improvmenet in students with mental retardation (P < 0.001). Also, this program could prominantly effect on some psychomotor subtests such as: finger skills and backward movement (P < 0.05). Conclusion: According to results, appending some psychomotor activities as the main and essential part in daily schedule for students with special needs could improve their function and help them to be more active. Keywords: Psycho-motor rehabilitation, Psycho-motor skills, Educable mentally retarded students