Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 5, January 2017 



Journal Index

Review Articles

Quantitative and Qualitative Tools in Studies on Pelvic Floor Muscle Rehabilitation

Pages 306-317

Abasali Pourmomeny; Samaneh Alebouyeh; Anahita Torkzadeh

Original Articles

The Relationship between Resilience and Care Burden among Parents of Students with Intellectual Disability in Golestan Province, Iran, in 2016

Pages 252-258

Fatemeh Hassanzadeh; Hamid Hojjati

Effects of an Eight-Week Pilates Exercise Program on Some Physical Fitness Factors and Kinetic Performance in Girl Students with Intellectual Disability

Pages 259-266

Karim Salehzadeh; Saeideh Esrafilzadeh

Kinematics of the Lower Extremity in Walking among Individuals with Hyperlordosis Waistline Malformation

Pages 267-273

Kobra Hashemi-Moghaddam; Mohammad Reza Amir-Seyfaddini; Fariborz Mohammadipour

The Comparison of the Pattern and Activity of Selected Muscles of the Lower Extremity in Athletes with Genu Varum and Healthy Athletes during Running: A Case-Control Study

Pages 274-282

Hosein Tajdini-Kakavandi; Heidar Sadeghi; Ali Abbasi

Practicing Task-Specific Instability Challenge in Performance and Acquisition of a Complex Motor Skill

Pages 283-289

Fariba Hasanbarani; Mehdi Shahbazi; Shahzad Tahmasebi-Broujeni; Mohammadali Sanjari; Jamal Fazel-Kalkhoran

The Study of Perception of Lexical Synonymy by Educable Children with Intellectual Disability Compared to Typically Developing Children

Pages 290-298

Abbas Ali Ahangar; Mehrdad Mazaheri; Mohaddeseh Soltaninezhad

Evaluation of the Risk of Knee Osteoarthritis and Its Predictive Factors with Emphasis on Physical Activity

Pages 299-305

Parvaneh Shamsipour-Dehkordi; Marzieh Entezari; Robab Sahaf