Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 3, July 2016 



Journal Index

Review Articles

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: A Review of Challenges and Gaps in its Implementation in Some Countries

Pages 173-184

Mahnaz Akhavan-Tafti

Scope of Spirituality Research in Occupational Therapy Literature: A Scoping Review Study

Pages 185-193

Masoud Babaei; Mehdi Rassafiani

Original Articles

Acoustic Study of Second-Formant Transition in Flaccid Dysarthria

Pages 125-131

Faezeh Abdolahi; Fatemeh Abnavi; Leila Ghasisin

The Relationship between the Generalizability of Treatment and the Stages of Damage in Naming

Pages 132-139

Zahra Sadeghi; Nahid Baharloei; Leila Ghasisin

Mechanical Energy of Lower Extremity during Gait in Women with Various Severities of Knee Osteoarthritis: Case-Control Study

Pages 140-151

Maryam Pirhayati; Niloufar Fereshtenejad; Zahra Sadat Rezaeian

Pilot Study on the Effects of 10%-Incline Treadmill Walking in Patients with Nonspecific Chronic Low Back Pain; A Clinical Trial Study

Pages 152-160

Reza Soleimanpoor; Abdallkarim Karimi

Effect of Functional Fatigue on Vertical Jump Height in Healthy Women and Men

Pages 161-166

Sahar Boozari; Mohammad Ali Sanjari

Effects of Proprioceptive Training on Head and Neck Kinematic Parameters against External Perturbations in Professional Male Karate Athletes

Pages 167-172

Nadjmeh Afhami; Mansour Sahebozamani; Fariborz Mohammadipour