Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 4, October 2014 

Review Articles

What kinds of conditions is Cognitive Orientation to Daily Occupational Performance used: A systematic review

Pages 581-598

Neda Ghorbani; Soraya Gharebaghy; Mehdi Rassafiani; Nazila Akbarfahimi; Naser Havaei

Original Articles

Postural Stability comparison in various standing positions between healthy young men and those with genu varum

Pages 481-491

Heydar Sadeghi; Seyyed Kazem Mosavi; Elnaz Dizaji

Validity and reliability of the Persian version of the test of word finding, Second edition 8-11 year old children: Intermediate form

Pages 492-501

Alireza Taheri; Mansoureh Pirmoradian; Nahid Baharloui

Comparsion of participation Patterns between children with cerebral palsy and healthy children in out of school activities

Pages 502-511

Madineh Hassani; Afsoon Hassani Mehraban; Kazem hassani

The effect of aquatic balance exercise and whole body vibration training and detraining on neuromuscular performance, balance and risk of falling in elderly female

Pages 512-527

Jabbar Bashiri

The Effect of Computer Games on Level of Attention in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Pages 528-538

Motahare Rezapour Jaghargh; Mahboobe Mandegari Najafabadi; Kavousipour. Sommaye

Effect of seated leg press exercise on knee extension strength in elderly

Pages 539-548

Karar Khoga Naamat; Heydar Sadeghi; Mansour Sahebozamani; Somaye Nazari

a study and comparison the effect of age-related voice changes on the quality of life of the elderly and middle-aged

Pages 549-558

fatemeh abnavi; fariba rezaei

Comparison of effects of two type physical activity in water on the health related factors in old women (60-75 years)

Pages 559-568

Maryam Mohammadzadeh; Mozhgan Ashtari; Nader Rarnama

The effect of religious beliefs on general health and happiness of mothers who has or has not children with intellectual disability

Pages 569-580

Ali Reza Bakhshayesh