Comparison of effects of two type physical activity in water on the health related factors in old women (60-75 years)

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1 PHD student in Sport injuries and corrective exercise, university of Tehran international campus KishIsland,Kish,Iran

2 MSc in student inSport injuries and corrective exercise. university of Tehran international campus KishIsland,Kish,Iran.

3 Associate professor,Department of Corrective exercise and Sport injuries. University of Isfahan. Isfahan , Iran.



  Introduction: The old age is one of the vulnerable classes of people in every society. The most important issue concerning the improvement of health and quality of life of the old age deals with preservation of a high degree of their independence in physical activities and continuation of an active life. The present research aimed at comparing the effect of two types of physical activity in water and on the land on factors related to health (balance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscular ability, muscular endurance, nimbleness) of old women. Materials and Methods: Forty-two qualified old women (60 to 75 years of age) was selected and classified into two groups of exercise on the land (21 women) and exercise in the water (21 women) groups. Balance (Y test), flexibility of upper trunk (back scratch test), flexibility of lower trunk (chair sit and reach test), muscular ability of upper trunk (arm curl test), muscular ability of lower trunk (chair stand test), agility (8-foot up and go test) and cardiovascular endurance (6 minutes of walking and two minutes of taking steps) were evaluated. The samples were assessed after the exercises. The data were analyzed using Klemogrov-Smirnov test and independent t. Results: Results of the research showed a significant difference between the two water and land groups with respect to blind-folded balance, posterior lateral balance and cardiovascular endurance (P> 0/05).  However, no significant difference was observed in other variables,(P< 0/05). Conclusion: It can be concluded that physical activity in the water and on the land improve of all factors related to the health of the old age however exercises on the land would raise the cardiovascular endurance and balance in them. Nevertheless, further studies with a higher volume of samples in different groups of the old age are proposed in order to determine the long-term effect of these exercises.Key words: physical activity in water, physical activity on the land, old women, and factors related to health

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October 2014
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