Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2, July 2014 

Review Articles

Spatial hearing: models, and functions

Pages 346-357

Abdollah Moossavi; Maryam Delphi

Original Articles

The comparison of cervical range of motion and muscle endurance in Tension-Type headache patients with healthy people

Pages 218-227

Marzieh Mohamadi; Shohreh Taghizadeh; Farahnaz Ghafarinejhad; Leila Abbasi; Mahnaz Mamooli kargar

The relationship between hypernasality and timing of primary palatal surgery and cleft type in 3-6 years old children with cleft palate

Pages 228-238

Parisa Rezaei; Saba Sadeghi; Masoume Samani; Maryam Yazdi; Fateme Derakhshande; Mehrdad Memarzade

Evolution of auditory and visual working memory in primary school-aged children

Pages 239-249

Tayebe Taghizade; Vahid Nejati; Ali Mohammadzade; Alireza Akbarzade Baghban; Vahid Nejati Nejati

Natural Frequency Analysis of Tractor Operator's Body Parts

Pages 250-268

Ali Maleki Maleki; Sayyed Saeid Mohtasebi

Effect of selected yoga exercises on the balance of dominance and non-dominance leg of middle age women

Pages 269-280

Ali Ashraf Khazaei; Nasrin Kahrizi; Rahil Razeghi

Adaptation of the children's communication checklist- second edition (CCC-2) to Persian and determining its psychometric values

Pages 281-291

Yalda Kazemi; Fariba Mahmoodi; Talieh Zarifiyan; Tahereh Sima Shirazi

Effect of corrective exercise program on the ground reaction force of student with flat food during gait cycle

Pages 292-305

Mostafa Payandeh; Nahid Khoshraftar; Ahmad Ebrahimi atri; Mohsen Damavandi

Relationship (Correlation) between BruininksOseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency and Peabody Developmental Motor Scale on Children with Educable-Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Pages 306-314

Kobra Soltanikhadiv; Mohamad Kamali; Shahla Rafiei; Ghorban Taghizade

Simulation of the response of nerve fibers to the applied interferential currents

Pages 315-327

Mahsa Agharezaee; Amin Mahnam

Inte-rater and Test-retest Reliabilities of Jebsen-Taylor Hand Function

Pages 328-334

Nafiseh Sadat Sharifi; Abolghasem Fallahzade; Mohamad Kamali

Translation and Investigation of reliability and validity of the Farsi version of Subjective Stuttering Scale Questionaire

Pages 335-345

Bijan Shafiei; Seyed Shahabodin HoseiniNasab; Meisam Shafiei; Abbas Pourebrahim Omran