Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 3, August 2013 



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Review Articles

Developmental coordination disorder: Diagnosis, evaluations, and treatments

Pages 561-569

Mina Ahmadi Kahjoogh; Seyed Ali Hoseini; Mehdi Rassafiani; Fatemeh Mohammadian

Original Articles

The relationship between pain, fear-avoidance beliefs and postural stability in subjects with non-specific chronic low back pain

Pages 355-366

Marziyeh Saeidi; Abdolkarim Karimi; Ebrahim Sadeghi

Compare voice handicap index (VHI) between teachers and non-teachers with voice disorders

Pages 367-376

Fariba Mojiri; Akram Ahmadi; Akbar Hasanzade

The effect of weight bearing symmetry on the postural responses of lower limb muscles in hemi-paretic patients

Pages 377-386

Hossein Asghar Hosseini; Esmaeil Ebrahimi Takamjani; Mahyar Salavati; Gholamali Shahidi; Mohammad Ali Sanjari; Mania Sheikh

The effect of training two selected karate-hand techniques on hand stereotypic movements in autistic boy (Case study)

Pages 387-398

Fatimah Bahrami; Ahmadreza Movahedi; Seyed Mohammad Marandi; Shila Safavi; Zahra Molakarimi

Comparing disfluency on words and nonwords in children who stutter

Pages 399-405

Seyed Abolfazl Tohidast; Mohammad Rahim Shahbodaghi; Banafsheh Mansuri; Shohreh Jalaei

Foot posture in basketball players with history of the shin splint

Pages 406-414

Saeed Forghany; Sajjad Bagherian Dehkordi; Hossein Montazeri Sanech; Mohammad Mashhadi

Comparing the effect of mental, physical and mental- physical exercises on the balance capability of blind students

Pages 415-423

Akram Ahmadi Barati; Saeid Ahmadi Barati; Saeid Ghaeini; Naser Behpour; Amir Letafatkar

The comparison of the lumbopelvic stabilizer muscle endurance in female athletes with and without patellofemoral pain syndrome

Pages 424-434

Elham Mohamadi; Reza Rajabi; Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh

A comparative study of sustain attention to auditory and visual stimulus in children with Mix learning disorder and normal peers

Pages 435-444

Farnaz Koobasi; Jandark Eghlidi; Vahid Nejati; Seyyed Mehdi Tabatabaee

The effectiveness of Dohsa-hou psychological rehabilitation program on severity of fatigue, depression, anxiety, stress and improve the quality of life in subjects with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Pages 445-458

Behzad Rigikouteh; Fariba Yazdkhasti; Masoud Etemadifar

Relationship between Functional Movement Screen (FMS) score and the history of injury and identify the predictive value of the FMS

Pages 459-469

Seyed Sadreddin Shojaedin

Nonword repetition ability in third-grade students with dyslexia

Pages 470-479

Shima Moghiminejad; Nahid Baharlooie; Leila Ghasisin

The effect of endurance exercises on occupational performance areas and the depression severity of students in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

Pages 480-489

Ali Tahmasebi; Sareh Zarshenas; Parsa Houshvar; Jahangir Karimian; Parivash Shekarchizadeh

Short-term effects of whole-body vibration training on neuromuscular activity of muscles in important area in respect of osteoporotic fractures in maximal voluntary isometric contraction in young healthy women

Pages 490-501

Leila Simorgh; Giti Torkaman; Sayed Mohamad Firouzabadi; Sedigheh Kahrizi; Mohsen Naji

Validity and reliability of a Persian version of developmental coordination disorder questionnaire in 3-5 aged children

Pages 502-514

Khaled Takizade; Alireza Farsi; Rahman Baghernia; Behrouz Abdoli; Mahmoud Asle Mohammadizade

Relationship between spinal abnormalities and musculoskeletal pains in university students in Hamadan (Iran)

Pages 515-524

Sedigheh Sadate Mirbagheri; Saeedeh Sadate Mortazavi; Amir Rahmani Rasa; Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh

The effect of erector spine muscles fatigue on balance compensation in kyphotic subjects after postural perturbations in sagital plane

Pages 525-539

Rooholah Rezaee; Mehrdad Anbarian; Amir Sarshin

The effect of 6-week hopping exercises program on joint position sense in athletes with functional ankle instability

Pages 540-552

Mohammad Karimizadeh Ardakani; Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh; Esmaeil Ebrahimi Takamjani

The effect of the age of cochlear implantation on the reading skills of children with hearing loss

Pages 553-560

Farzad Weisi; Mohammad Rezaei; Ayub Valadbeigi