Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 7, March 2014 



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Case Reports

The analysis of the length and produced force by some trunk muscles of a scoliotic patient using Open-SIMM software during walking with Milwaukee orthosis-A case report

Pages 1344-52

mohammad taghi karimi; mahsa kaviani boroujeni

Original Articles

Effects of a prosody treatment program on the speech intelligibility of patients with Parkinson disease

Pages 1281-90

Sakine Cheraghi; Akbar Darrouie; Farhad Torabinezhad; Behrooz Dolatshahi; Gholamali Shahidi

Standing Pelvic Postures and Continence Ultrasonic Parameters in Women with and without Stress Urinary Incontinence

Pages 1254-66

farideh dehghan manshadi; Javad Sarrafzadeh; Zinat Ghanbari; Anooshirvan Kazem Nejad; MahmoudReza Azghani; Mohamad Parnianpour

handling challenges in the children with cerebral palsy: A qualitative content analysis

Pages 1267-80

Hamid Dalvand; Mehdi Rassafiani; SayedAli Hosseini; HamidReza khankeh; Sayed Ali Samadi

Review Articles

Effect of pelvic floor muscle training On the urinary incontinence in women

Pages 1301-308

Anahita Torkzadeh

The effect of postoperative dressing and management on stump preparation in the below knee amputation

Pages 1291-300

Zeinab Rezaeian; Khadijeh Bapirzade; Akram Jamali; Tahmoores Tahmasbi

Rehabilitation Experiences of people with cerebral palsy: A Literature Review

Pages 1309-22

Masoud Babaei; Mehdi Rassafiani; Setareh Ghahari; Mohammadali Hoseini; Saeid Fatourechy

Speech and Language Development in Deaf children after Cochlear implantation

Pages 1323-32

Nahid Jalilevand

auditory efferent system and contralateral suppression of otoacoustic emissions

Pages 1333-43

Farzaneh Zamiri Abdollahi; Maryam Delphi; Younes Lotfi; Ahmad Reza Nazeri