Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 8, March 2014 



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Original Articles

Effect of Different Physical Activity Levels on the Static and Dynamic Balance of Dominant and Non-Dominant Legs in Females

Pages 1177-88

Mohammadtaghi Amiri-Khorasani; Mansooreh Mogharabi Manzari

Effect of different speeds of motor mental imagery on performance

Pages 1189-99

Seyed Hojjat Zamani Sani; Alireza Farsi; Behrouz Abdoli

Lumbopelvic Movement Pattern Differences in Two Groups of Low Back Pain Subjects with and without Rotational Activities during Active Hip External Rotation Test

Pages 1200-12

Meissam Sadeghisani; Mohammad Jafar Shaterzadeh; Mohammad Taghi karimi; Ahmad Reza Rafiei

Pain, Disability, Fear -avoidance and Habitual Physical Activity in Subjects with Low Back Pain with and without Trunk and Hips Rotational Demand Sport Activities

Pages 1213-21

Meissam Sadeghisani; Mohammad Taghi karimi; Mohammad Jafar Shaterzadeh; Ahmad Reza Rafiei; Reza Salehi; Hossein Negahban

The effect of neck stabilization exercises in improving of forward head posture in the 20-27 years –old female students

Pages 1222-31

Shohreh taghizadeh; Farahnaz ghafari nejad; Farahnaz emami; Tahereh imani fard; Seiedeh Elham hoseini

Comparison of internal-to-external ratios of strength rotation and ROM rotation in injured and healthy professional male handball players

Pages 1232-43

Aboozar Saadatian; Mansour Sahebozamani; Fariborz Mohamadipour

Effect of Aerobic Activity in Land and Water on Plasma Beta-Endorphin And Pain Perception Threshold In Athletes

Pages 1244-53

fahimeh kamalisarvestani; mahboobeh rangraz tabatabaei; mohsen salesi