Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 5, January 2018 



Journal Index

Review Articles

Motor Synergies in Physical Therapy: The Uncontrolled Manifold Approach; A Narrative Review

Pages 296-302

Masumeh Hessam; Reza Salehi; Mohammad Mehravar; Mohammad Jafar Shaterzadeh-Yazdi; Hossein Negahban; Shahram Rafie

Original Articles

The Comparison of Effects between Tai Chi Exercise and Glucosamine Supplementation on Balance in Older Woman with Knee Osteoarthritis

Pages 247-254

Elham Attari; Elaheh Arab-Ameri; Shahzad Tahmasebi-Brojeni

The Effect of Erector Spinae Muscle Fatigue on the Sensation of Trunk, Hip, and Knee Position among the Male Karate Athletes

Pages 239-246

Shahab Ghahremani; Naji Ghahremani; Ali Abbasi

The Correlation and Reliability of Determining Non-dominant Leg Tests in Order to Assess Standing Balance

Pages 255-262

Leila Ghazaleh; Amir Ali Jafarnezhadgero; Bahram Saleh-Sedghpour

The Effect of Using Safety Headgears in Taekwondo on Dynamic Parameters Related to Head Injury

Pages 263-270

Neda Boroushak; Hasan Khoshnoodi; Mansour Eslami; Hossien Khodarahmi

The Effect of Eight Weeks of Neuromuscular Training on Balance and Prevention of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury in Boy Adolescent Taekwondo Athletes

Pages 271-277

Susan Hajipoor; Fariborz Mohammadipour; Roohollah Nikooie

The Effects of Gender, and Functional and Cognitive Training on Postural Control in Middle-Aged People

Pages 278-286

Mandana Sangari; Seyed Mohammadkazem Vaez-Mousavi; Mahdi Namazizadeh

The Role of Leg Stiffness in Prediction of Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome in Active People: A Prospective Cohort Study

Pages 287-295

Effat Hoseinzadeh; Mansour Eslami; Mahammad Taghipur; Afshin Fayyaz-Movaghar