Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3, September 2015 

Review Articles

Skeletal Muscle Adaptation to Spasticity

Pages 238-244

Ehsan Ghasemi

Original Articles

The Effects of Heel Height on Postural Stability of Healthy Young Females

Pages 164-171

Ebrahim Sadeghi-Demneh; Ladan Arab-Yaqoubi

The Immediate Effects of Arch Support Insole on Ground Reaction Forces during Walking

Pages 172-181

Amir Ali Jafarnezhadgero; Nader Farahpour; Mohsen Damavandi

Effect of Cognitive Training on Efficiency of Executive Control Network of Attention

Pages 182-192

Zahra Fathirezaie; Alireza Farsi; Mohammad Kazem Vaez-Mousavi; Seyed Hojjat Zamani-Sani

The Effect of Lateral Wedge and Textured Lateral Wedge Insole on Static Balance in People with Functional Ankle Instability

Pages 193-199

Khadijeh Papirzadeh; Fatemeh Pol; Saeed Forghani; Saeed Forghani; Akram Jamali; Atefeh Rahimi

Assessing Effects of Eye Position on Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential

Pages 200-205

Sahar Shomeil Shushtary; Nader Saki; Soheila Nikakhlagh; Mojtaba Tavakoli; Meymaneh Jafari

Effect of rope jumping exercise on foot arch in boy students with cavus, planus, and normal foot types

Pages 212-219

Mehdi Ghaderiyan; Gholam Ali Ghasemi; Vahid Zolaktaf

Investigation of the Effectiveness of Phonological Working Memory Intervention on Decreasing of Severity Of Stuttering in Preschool Children: A Single-Subject Research

Pages 220-227

Marziyeh Amini; Bijan Shafiei; Ahmad Abedi

The Effect of Core Stability Exercises on Dynamic Balance of Athletes with Chronic Ankle Sprain

Pages 228-237

Mohsen Sahranavard; Azar Aghayary; Alireza Motealleh; Akram Farhadi

The Immediate Effects of Rollover Footwear on Standing Posture of Head and Neck and Trunk in Healthy Females

Pages 206-211

Fatemeh Pol; Saeid Forghani; Atefeh Rahimi