Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2, October 2011 


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Journal Index

Review Articles

Central auditory processing disorder in speech and language pathology

Fereshteh Shamsian

Original Articles

Evaluating the validity and reliability of the Farsi version of "Test of Word Finding-Second Edition" in 6-to-8-year-old students

Alireza Taheri; Nahid Baharloue; Mansoureh Pirmoradian; Leila Ghasisin; Ahmad Salehi

An investigation on the efficacy of confrontation cognitive-behavioral skills through group training on the anxiety and adjustment of children with stuttering

Hassan Toozandehjani; Hoda Naaimi; Mahbobe Ahmadpoor

The effect of two-, four- and six- week detraining after a period of plyometric training on postural control in male students

Manouchehr Dezhahang; Hossein Rostamkhany; Zabiholah Nagiloo

An investigation on the effects of Neuromuscular exercise on Balance, gait and the depression of paitent with MS

Ehsan Ghasemi; Vahid Shayegannejad; Fereshteh Ashtari; Behzad Mordi; Rezaei Eraj; Navid Keivanfar

The prevalence of oropharyngeal dysphagia among nursing home residents in Isfahan

Ali Barikroo; Zohreh Hosseini; Zahra Ansari

Comparison of forward head in persons with chronic neck pain and healthy persons

Hossein Taheri; Reza Mahdavinejad; Sajjad Bagherian Dehkordi; Zeinab Omidali

Investigation on a Developed Wearable Assistive Device (WAD) on Decreasing Lumbar Muscles Activity During Static Holding Tasks; EMG Analysis and Biomechanical Modeling

Hadi Heydari; Maryam Hoviattalab; Mahmood Reza Azghani; Masoud Ramezanzadeh; Mohamad Parnianpour

Comparing the effects of exercise therapy and self treatment through "The Back Book" on chronic low back pain

Somayeh Nuri; Gholam Ali Ghasemi; Abdolkarim Karimi; Hamid Salehi; Khalil Khayambashi; Somayeh Alizamani

The relationship between genu varum abnormality and lower extremity’s performance and strength in teenage footballers

Malihe Hadadnezhad; Amir Letafatkar

The comparison of bone mineral density (BMD) of spinal L2-L4 Iranian swimmers and foreign

Farzaneh Taghian; Gholamreza Sharifi; Fatemeh Dashtestani; Mohamad Faramarzi

The effects of one period of exercise therapy program on Q and popliteal angle in athlethes with Pattellofemoral pain syndrome

Maryam Mazidi; Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh; Reza Rajabi

The Effects of a six-week strength and plyometric training program on dynamic balance of male student athletes

Hamdolah Hadi; Hasan Farhady; Mehdi Bashiri

Pragmatic impairment: a case study

Mansoureh Pirmoradian; Alireza Taheri; Mahboubeh Nakhshab