Social Cognition in Children with Specific Language Impairment (SLI)

Document Type : Review Articles


PhD Scholar in psychology. Islamic Azad University


AbstractIntroduction: Social recognition is the reflection of one's perception from thought and feeling. As a multifaceted phenomenon it comprises of social perception, social judgment and social memory. This study is a critical review of previous studies pertaining to individuals affected by specific language deformity.Methods: Empirical studies conducted between 1997- 2005 were critically reviewed to identify their communal and differences.Results: The association between language skill and social cognitive ability is reinforced. This indicates language disability in children is accompanied by poor social cognition.Conclusion: Language disability does not appear as the single factor in delineating social performance. To address weakness of individuals affected by specific language impairment in communication with other people and considering poor self-consciousness future research has to broaden it outdoor by incorporating international and interpersonal parameters.Keywords: Social cognition, child, specific language impairment, language impairments.