Author = Shohreh Jalaei
Comparison of auditory middle latency responses in Azari -Persian bilinguals and Persian monolingual

Volume 9, Issue 5, January 2014

Sudabeh Shokri; Ghasem Mohamadkhani; Akram Pourbakht; Shohreh Jalayi; Roya Sanayi

Comparison of Gaps in noise test (GIN) in adults with normal and conductive hearing loss

Volume 9, Issue 4, October 2013

Mahya Sharifinik; Sima Tajik; Ghasem Mohammadkhani; Shohreh Jalaie

Comparing disfluency on words and nonwords in children who stutter

Volume 9, Issue 3, August 2013, Pages 399-405

Seyed Abolfazl Tohidast; Mohammad Rahim Shahbodaghi; Banafsheh Mansuri; Shohreh Jalaei

A review on attitude assessment instruments designed for people who stutter

Volume 8, Issue 7, February 2013, Pages 1266-1276

Seyed Abolfazl Tohidast; Banafsheh Mansouri; Shohreh Jalaei; Seyede Mehri Daryabari

The effect of electrode site on auditory P300 in normal subjects

Volume 7, Issue 3, December 2011

Parisa Rasoulifard; Ghasem Mohammadkhani; Aliakbar Nasresfahani; Mohammadhossein Nilforoush; Shohreh Jalayi