The Effect of the Colours on the Perception of Time among Players of Computer Games: A Narrative Review

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1 MSc Student, Department of Computers Arts, School of Multimedia, Tabriz Islamic Art University, Tabriz, Iran

2 Faculty of Multimedia, Tabriz Islamic Art University, Tabriz, Iran



Introduction: Colors are among the effective factors in human life, which are related to human feelings and emotions more closely than other visual elements. The perception of time may vary in different physical environments according to the colors. The aim of this study is to review the studies on the effects of colors on the perception of time in computer games.Materials and Methods: Data were collected through library research in Civilca, Noormags, Scientific Information Database (SID), and Scopus databases; Google Scholar and Science Direct search engines were also used. The search keywords included: color, color psychology, time, and time perception. English and Persian articles since 2000 (1380 Persian Calendar) were included.Results: Among 65 articles found regarding colors and psychology of colors as well as the perception of time and color impact on the perception of time, 28 articles, which were related most, were selected. Based on the search, it seems that the plan had not been investigated in the context of the computer games. According to the studies in the field of architecture on some colors (blue and red), these colors may also be used in computer games. With the combination of these colors, perfect time perception may be provided for game playersConclusion: The time perception and the impact of color on it was often investigated in architectural studies and interior or urban decoration while no study was found specifically in the field of computer games. Although those studies may be considered as the basis for implementing color compositions in computer game graphics, scientific studies basically in the field of computer games are essential for detailed analysis.


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