Oral-Motor Management of Oral Dysphagia following Congenital Rubella Syndrome: Report of one case

Document Type : Case Reports


MSC. Speech and Language Pathologist, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences Department of Speech Therapy


The efficacy of oral-motor management for treatment of oral dysphagia was investigated in a 5 year-old child with severe problems in feeding and weight-loss subsequent to congenital rubella syndrome. A complete assessment, revealed that she has disorder in biting, chewing, bolus gathering and initiation of swallowing. Therefore, making the biting and chewing, reduction of aspiration in feeding, improvement of drinking function, the elimination of hypersensitivity, and reduction of feeding time were established as the main goals of the therapy. After three months of treatment program consisted of oral-motor and swallowing management, myofunctional therapy, and behavioural procedures, the main goals of the therapy were obtained. The results of the present study demonstrated that the combination of oral-motor practices, myofunctional therapy, parent training, and behavioural procedures could be useful in the treatment of the oral dysphagia.: