A List of Persian Words and Determining the Reliability and Validity of "SNORS" System

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1 MSc of speech- Language Pathologist, Medical University of Jondi Shapour

2 MSc of speech- Language Pathologist

3 PhD


AbstractIntroduction: One of the most prevalent problems in individuals suffering from resonance disorder is nasal air escape. Super Nasal Oral Ratio System (SNORS) is such an instrument which determines ratio of air escape from nasal and oral cavities. A precise judgment may be implemented by comparing the measured ratio of these patients with those of normal persons.Methods: It was an analytical-descriptive study in which 30 words (validated by speech pathologists) were chosen. The cases including 22 female and 15 male were asked to read these terms 10 times and then nasal ratio for each term was measured by SNORS. The test was repeated two weeks later to assure reliability of the words.Results: There was no significant difference in ratio of each term. However repetition of the test showed no significant difference between words for nasal ratio but for 8 words. In 22 selected words 10 words (5 words nasal consonant and 5 words without it) with lowest standard deviation were selected as final list.Conclusion: The final list of words may be used for assignment of nasal ratio in males and females by SNORS.Keywords: Snors, Word , Nasalrati, Validity, Reliability

  • Receive Date: 03 November 2010
  • Revise Date: 31 March 2023
  • Accept Date: 22 May 2022
  • First Publish Date: 22 May 2022