The Comparison of Visual Perceptually Skills in Normal and Dyslexia Children in Ahvaz

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1 MSc of speech- Language Pathologist – Jondi Shapour Medical University

2 of speech- Language Pathologist – University of Welfare & Rehabilitation sciences

3 MSc of Statistics– Jondi Shapour Medical University


AbstractIntroduction: Characterized by an unexpected difficulty in and is characterized by Dyslexia is perhaps the most common neurobehavioral disorder affecting children. Many theories have discussed the etiology of dyslexia in which defect in visual perception is the current one. This study aims to determine the visual perception skill in children this research surveys visual perception of children affected by dyslexia as compared with the normal.Methods: In this cross-sectional study, children with dyslexia and 35 healthy children 35 recruited from elementary schools in Ahwaz by using Diagnostic Reading Test (Shirazi & Nilipour, 1381). They selected subjects performed TVPS-R tasks to determine the visual perceptual skill.Results: There were no significant differences between visual perceptive skills of children with dyslexia in comparison with the normal children. (Kolmogrov- Smironov, t-Test ).so this research collaborates with those seeking the other presumable causes of dyslexia.Conclusion: According to the results of this study, the underlying biological cause of the visual disorders and their precise Impact on reading still needs to be elucidated. The hypothesis of a magnocellular origin does not seem to be well supported.Keywords: Developmental Dyslexia, Reading, Visual perceptual