Effects of Eight Weeks Corrective Exercises on Lumbar Lordosis

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1 MSc Physiotherapist

2 Assistant Prof., MD Esfahan University of Medical Sciences



Background:Corrective exercises are a branch of practical sciences for use of people especially in order to identify, educate, prevent and improve unhealthy habits of their movement. This study was done to assess the effectiveness of corrective exercises on female students of Esfahan University with lordosis (aged 19-22 years). Material and Methods:Subjects were 44 female nonathletic students that their age, height and weight average were 21.5+_1.68, 160.64+- 5.83, 55.42+-7.89 and suffered from increasing back curve. Based on examination on 300 persons and by using New York test, flexibility ruler tool (back curve estimate), Digital height and weight scale, meter (a mount estimate of femoral flexors shortness) and questionnaire (backache, satisfaction and mental health) Corrective exercises performed for experimental group for 8 weeks, 3 session per week and 60 minutes per session. In the beginning and ending of period pre-test and post-test was taken. Collected data was analyzed statistically by using (t) independent and dependent statistical method. All analyses were done in a significant level (P<0.05). Results: There was a significant decrease in the curve of back lordosis (p=0.005, t= 2.98), a significant increase in vertebral flexibility (t= 6.82, p= 0.000) and a significant increase in abdominal muscle strength and endurance (t=7.15, p= 0.000). There was no significant increase in flexibility of femur flexor muscles in post test (p= 0.24, t= -1.15). Conclusion:After eight weeks corrective exercises the amount of the back curve decreased significantly. There was a significant increase in abdominal muscle strength and endurance, amount of the vertebral flexibility but no increase of femur flexor flexibility. However, corrective exercises decreased periodical backache and increased mental health and satisfaction of patients. In general, implementation of corrective exercises in patients with lumbar lordosis was a successful plan. Key words: Body position, Lordosis (back curve), Corrective exercises.