The Effect of Inferapatellar and Cho-pat straps on knee strength and ROM in patients with anterior knee pain syndrome

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1 (Board of Rehabilitation Faculty- Esfahan University of Medical Sciences

2 Board of Rehabilitation Faculty – Iran University of Medical Sciences

3 Professor of Rehabilitation Faculty – Iran University of Medical Sciences

4 Assistant prof. of Rehabilitation Faculty – Iran University of Medical Sciences



Background:Anterior knee pain syndrome is one of the most common problem in knee. Prevalence of this problem on orthopedic center is almost 23-31%. This syndrome happens in athletes, teenagers and specially in females.Trauma, malalignment maltracking of patella and degenerative joint disease or a combination of mentioned disorders seems to be the main cause of the syndrome.The perpose of this study was to identify and compare effects of infera- patella and cho-pat straps on knee strenghs and Rom.Material and Methods:30 patients with Ant pain synd. were evaluated and devided into two groups. Cho-pat strap applied to the first group and infrapottellar  strap to the second. Knee extension strength and ROM was evaluated in 3 stages. 1) Before applying the strap 2) Immediately after applying the strap 3) 2week after applying the strap. Dynamometer, goniometer and visual analague scale were used to measare the strengh, Rom and pain respectivly. Results:knee ext. strength increased significantly in the second and third stages of the test for both groups (PConclusion:According to our finding reduction of knee pain induce to increasing of knee strength. In addition decreasing of pain results in control of knee ROM and decrease pressure on articular surfaces of patellofemoral jointKeywords: Anterior knee pain syndrome, Patellofemoral pain syndrome, Knee extension strength, Knee strapping