The investigation of Frenkel’s exercises effection on ataxia, balance, activity of daily living and depression in patients with multiple sclerosis

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1 Physiotherapist, School of Rehabilitation sciences faculty of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

2 Assistant prof. MD- Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran

3 Assistant Prof. MD, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran

4 BSc, Physiotherapist–Rehabilitation Sciences Faculty of Isfahan Universiry, Isfahan, Iran

5 BSc, Rhysiotherapist-Rehabilitation Sciences Faculty of Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran



Introduction: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common progressive neurological disorder in the young adults. One of the areas that are affected in MS is the cerebellum. Ddisorders in this structure leadss to ataxia, imbalance, and so on, that can decrease patient's quality of life. Exercise therapy is an effective method to decrease functional disorders in MS patients. This study shows the effectiveness of Frenkel's exercises in improvement of conditions in MS patients.Materials and methods: This is was a double-blinded, perospective and quinsy-experimental study that was done in Isfahan, during 1385-786. In this experiment, 22 MS patients with cerebellar disorder. (mean age 33.36 years, mean height 64.14 cm, and mean weight 61.95 kg), was learned Frenkel's exercises alternatively in 10 sessions. Evaluation was done before and after the treatment. In order to study ataxia we used ataxia rating scale, Berg balance scale for to assess balance, Barthel index, for to study activity of daily living (ADL), and questionnaire of beck for to judge depression. We used SPSS soft ware. For statistic studying and analyzing of obtained results and for comparing the conditions of patients in different stages, paired-t-test was used.Results:The findings of this current study showed a meaningful difference of ataxia(P<0.05),Balance(pConclusion: The obtained results showed that doing Frenkel's exercises, continuously, leads to improve the ataxia, balance, ADL and depression in patients with MS.Key words: Multiple sclerosis, Cerebellar ataxia, Balance, ADL, Depression, Frenkel's exercises