Journal of Research in Rehabilitation Sciences (JRRS) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (IUMS), Isfahan, Iran.

This continues online journal is in Persian and English languages and covers basic and applied articles in the field of rehabilitation sciences. The articles are published with the aim enhancing the understanding of the mechanism, pathogenesis, progression and prognosis of neuro-musculo-skeletal disorders or be related to a new approach into assessment, diagnosis, treatment, therapeutic or supportive intervention and rehabilitation strategy. JRRS provides redundant sound information, which is practical in clinic and research.

Original Articles

Modulation of the Hip Range of Motion for Kick following Combination Exercise in Iranian Elite Male Taekwondo Players: Quasi-experimental Study

Pages 169-179

Neda Boroushak; Hosein Rashedi; Mohammadreza Batavani; Hassan Ashena

Effect of 6 Weeks Combined Protocol of Thai Massage and Core Exercises on Pain, Functional Disability and Core Endurance in Men with Sacroiliac Joint Disorder: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Mohammad Saeed Mokhtari; Gholam Ali Ghasemi

Effect of the 8 Week of Core Stability Exercises on Urinary Incontinence and Quality of Life of Women with Urinary Incontinence

Bahareh Mahjourian; Gholam Ali Ghasemi

Comparison of the Effect of Balance, Vision, and Combined Balance Vision Exercises on Motor Function and Quality of Life among Hemodialysis Patients

Mahboobeh Hoseini-Sarbazi; Rokhsareh Badami; Zohreh Meshkati; Mohamad Ali Tabibi

Investigating the Effect of the Belt on the Electromyography of the Muscles of Women with Lumbar Lordosis in Squat and Deadlift Movements

Salehe Bagheri; Farideh Babakhani; Ramin Balouchi

تاثیر رویکرد کنترل حرکتی با و بدون ویبریشن کل بدن بر درد و تعادل ایستا و پویا پرستاران دارای کمردرد مزمن غیراختصاصی

راضیه کریمی; سید صدرالدین شجاع الدین; رغد معمار


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