Author = mohammad taghi karimi
Effect of 8 Weeks of Rebound Therapy on Balance, Flexibility, and Muscle Strength of the Knee in Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy

Volume 11, Issue 5, January 2016, Pages 315-322

Sepideh Mansouri; Gholamali Ghasemi; Morteza Sadeghi; Mohammad Taghi Karimi

Evaluation of Visual Control Effect on Quiet Stance Stability in Early Stage Parkinson`s Disease, Linear and Nonlinear Approaches

Volume 10, Issue 5, January 2015, Pages 599-609

Mina Mirahmadi; Mohammad Taghi Karimi; Vahid Shaygan Nejad; Javid Mostamand

The Effect of Knee Osteoarthritis Severity on Spatiotemporal Parameters of the Female Gait: a Pilot Study

Volume 10, Issue 5, January 2015, Pages 637-651

Zohreh Shafizadegan; Mohammad Taghi Karimi; Fatemeh Shafizadegan; Zahrasadat Rezaeian

The analysis of the length and produced force by some trunk muscles of a scoliotic patient using Open-SIMM software during walking with Milwaukee orthosis-A case report

Volume 9, Issue 7, March 2014, Pages 1344-52

mohammad taghi karimi; mahsa kaviani boroujeni

Energy Consumption during Walking among Patients with Non-specific Chronic Low Back Pain, based on Physiological Cost Index

Volume 9, Issue 5, January 2014, Pages 776-784

Maryam Hassan-zahraee; Mohammad Taghi Karimi; Javid Mostamand