Author = Mehrdad Anbarian
Effect of rehabilitation on gaitpatterns of patients with multiple sclerosis: review of the literature

Volume 10, Issue 7, February 2015, Pages 875-95

Mehrdad Anbarian; Mohamadtaghi Karimi; Mahnaz Marvi Isfahani; Sayed Mohammad Marandi; Masoud Etemadifar

The effects of corrective exercises on kyphosis and balance among educable mentally retarded adolescents.

Volume 10, Issue 6, February 2015, Pages 775-85

Mohammad Sadegh Sarkhosh; Mehrdad Anbarin; Mostafa Sepehrian; Mohamad Ali Samavatsharif; Alireza Rahimi

The effect of erector spine muscles fatigue on balance compensation in kyphotic subjects after postural perturbations in sagital plane

Volume 9, Issue 3, August 2013, Pages 525-539

Rooholah Rezaee; Mehrdad Anbarian; Amir Sarshin

The immediate effect of foot insole on electromyography activity and co-contraction of leg muscles in individuals with flat feet

Volume 9, Issue 2, June 2013, Pages 295-307

Hamed Esmaeili; Mehrdad Anbarian; Behrouz Hajiloo; Mohammad Ali Sanjari

The effect of flat foot on lower limb muscles activity pattern and plantar pressure characteristics during walking

Volume 8, Issue 8, March 2013, Pages 1328-1341

Hojat Beinabaji; Mehrdad Anbarian; Yahya Sokhangoue

Comparison of knee joint muscles’ activity in subjects with genu varum and the controls during walking and running

Volume 8, Issue 2, June 2012, Pages 298-309

Mehrdad Anbarian; Hamed Esmailie; Sayed Esmaeel Hosseini Nejhad; Mohammad Rabiei; Hojat Binabaji