Author = Shirin Yazdani
Assessment of Muscle Activity and Co-contraction in Knee and Ankle Joints during Forward and Backward Walking in Healthy Individuals

Volume 13, Issue 6, March 2018, Pages 309-317

Neda Asri; Nader Farahpour; Leila Ghazaleh

Timing and Activation Intensity of Shoulder Muscles during Handball Penalty Throwing in Subjects with and without Shoulder Impingement

Volume 13, Issue 1, March 2017, Pages 36-43

Zahra Zonnor; Nader Farahpour; Amirali Jafarnezhadgero

Kinematic and Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of Gait in Blind Individuals

Volume 11, Issue 4, November 2015, Pages 292-300

Mahdi Majlesi; Nader Farahpour

The Immediate Effects of Arch Support Insole on Ground Reaction Forces during Walking

Volume 11, Issue 3, September 2015, Pages 172-181

Amir Ali Jafarnezhadgero; Nader Farahpour; Mohsen Damavandi

An assessment of gait spatiotemporal and ground reaction force characteristics of patients with Parkinson compared with normal elderly

Volume 10, Issue 5, January 2015, Pages 676-686

Keyvan Sharifmoradi; Nader Farahpour; Abbas Bahram; Mohammad Taghi Karimi; Mehrdokht , Mazdeh

The effects of cognitive dual task on gait's kinematic variables in people with Parkinson's disease

Volume 5, Issue 2, November 2009

zahra Tavakoli; Nader Farahpour; Hamid Reza Elmi; Ali Akbar Elmi; Mehrdokht Mazde

The evaluation of deficits on dynamic postural sway control and its correlation with lumbar mobility in females with chronic low back pain

Volume 4, Issue 2, November 2008

Shirin Yazdani; Nader Farahpour; Nosratollah Farajolahi