Vol 5, No 2: 2009

Comparison effect of six week resistance-balance, velocity- balance and balance training on dynamic balance in active elderly males

Jabar Bashiri, Hamdalah Hadi, Mehdi Bashiri, Hossein Rostamkhany

DOI: 10.22122/jrrs.v5i2.110




Introduction: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of Resistance-Balance, Velocity- Balance and Balance training on dynamic balance in active elderly males.

Materials and Methods: 34 elderly males with no history of lower extremity impairment, voluntarily participated in this study. They were divided into the following four groups; group 1: Resistance- Balance exercise, group 2: Velocity-Balance exercise, group 3: Balance exercise and group 4: control group. Dynamic balance was assessed through The SEBT test on the day before exercises began. The subjects in three above-mentioned exercise groups were executing exercise programs for 6 weeks and throughout this period, the controls were asked to continue to their daily routine activities. Dynamic balance of subjects was re-assessed by The SEBT test one day after completing exercises. Descriptive statistics, ANOVA and post-hoc tukey were used for data analysis.

Results: the study results showed significant increase in reaching distance in all directions after Resistance-Balance, Velocity- Balance and Balance training. It was also shown that increase in reaching distance following velocity- balance exercises was more than that resulting from the resistance-balance and balance exercises.

Conclusion: according to the present results, using velocity-balance, resistance-balance and balance alone exercises (especially velocity-balance exercises) in elderly male training programs are recommended to decrease likelihood of falling and improve the elderly population dynamic balance.

Keywords: Training, Dynamic balance, Active elderly males.


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