Rejecting the Manuscripts That Use Zero-width Space

The zero-width space (ZWSP), is a non-printing character in computerized typesetting using scripts that do not use explicit spacing. Oftentimes some authors prefer to use ZWSP instead of space between words to reduce the word count and thus publication fee. However, at the time to estimate the publication fee, these half spaces will be removed. Given that this process is complex and time consuming, from now on the manuscript containing half-spaces will be rejected (desk reject). In addition, the author of these manuscript may be deprived of submission rights in the future. As for the use of half-space in the received manuscripts, this week the author(s) will be informed to rectify; otherwise, the manuscript will be rejected.

ZWSP is the immoral way of reducing publication fees. Because the Journal of Research in Rehabilitation Sciences has clear protocol regarding publication fees and authors will be informed when they submit their manuscripts, the use of half space is considered violation of rules and rights of the authors who have already observed the journal's requirements for fast reviewing of their manuscript.