Publication of the journal in both Persian and English languages

The Journal of Research in Rehabilitation Sciences, as one of the oldest and most prestigious journals in rehabilitation sciences in Iran, aims to increase the readers' access to the scientific content of their articles, publishing all articles of this Journal as full text in both Persian and English from October 2018.

The decision was made by the editorial of the journal prior to the request of readers abroad to receive the correct translation of the full text of the articles published in the journal, and prior to the request and the desire of writers whose information was in native of Iran, and therefore encountered difficulties in international publication.

We hope this policy will improve the visibility of our articles and, increase the citations of papers promising the scientific value of the journal to be highlighted.

It is worth noting that the preparation of the English version of the articles will be made up to the notice, and for a limited time, at the expense of the Journal of Research in Rehabilitation Sciences, and no additional costs will be charged to the authors in this regard.